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Web Stories

Be a Sport 
Learn how to be a good sport at sports

Storyplace Pre-School Library
Super online stories and activities

Tots can listen to fables, nursery rhymes, fairy
tales or record their own stories

Lil' Fingers Storybooks
Simple online stories for preschoolers

The Butterfly Trail 
Digby Mole takes a hike and discovers lots of butterflies

Morris' Special Day
Help find Morris the mouse and learn new words

Five Little Babies
Toddlers listen/read about 5 babies

I Will Not Take a Bath
Story for toddlers who don't like to bathe

Color the Rainbow

Help the frog guess the colors of the rainbow

Clyde's Smile

Clyde's friends help him find his tooth

The Yellow Gorilla

Story of little gorilla who loves bananas

Bananas for Lunch
Listen to story of a fat little monkey

The Barnyard Chorus
Maria likes to sing... who does she sing to?

The Perfect Pet
A story about picking the perfect pet

Shapes Online Story
Toddlers learn shapes by reading this story

6 Little Teddy Bears
Story of 6 teddy bears in a bed

Clifford the Big Red Dog
A whole bunch of Clifford stories (in English/Spanish)

Community Club
Stories about the folks who work in your community

Rhymes - Fairy Tales

Mother Goose Rebus Rhymes
Words an picture versions of familiar nursery rhymes

Language Development

Reading Activity Calendar 
Every day there's something to talk about, read about, and laugh about with tots

Building Language for Literacy
A bunch of reading activities for toddlers

TV Shows

Word World
PBS TV show for toddlers which teaches words

Super Why!
PBS TV show for toddlers with stories, games, reading activities

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